If you would like to be a Vendor at 2020 Books N Brunch Gala complete the Vendor Agreement form

along with your payment $125 until February 1, 2020

$175  February 2, 2020


“The best author event I’ve attended. Absolutely amazing, fun, productive.

Very classy!”
                                                 Kottyn C.


“Last year’s Books N Brunch Gala was an enlightening, refined, and tranquil way to spend an afternoon. Revealing an extremely gifted, expressive, and relatable array of authors. I can’t wait to attend the next B & B Gala and I’ve already marked my calendar!”
                                                                                                                                                           Valinda P.

Vendors Info....

“I absolutely loved the gala! I met so many talented authors!  I’m looking forward to

next year’s event!”
                                                      Agin M.


“The Books N Brunch Gala was a spectacular event. I love the fact that it allowed authors to be able to showcase their books while developing business connections and friendships.”
                                                                                                                                                         Latresa R.

“Last year’s event was great!

Very professional, both the event itself and the setting. Made some great connects as well!”
                                                         Jarrett R.

“I attended and participated as an author in Mr. Darryl Harvey's 2017 event. It was well attended by many authors and more importantly by several interested book purchasers."
                                                   Isiah  W.


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