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"Deal With The Devil "

The follow up to "Loving A Black Woman,"  "Deal"  takes a deep look at the heartbreak of losing a great love, but also the joy of entering a new love. 

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"Loving A Black Woman" 
The first book of poetry by Darryl Harvey. "Loving" is the interpretation of the love, lust and heartbreak Black men feel for Black women, but don't always show. Upon its release "Loving" received a positive review in Sister 2 Sister magazine.

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While in high school, Darryl Harvey began writing poetry. The magic of the flow and manipulation of words and how they can inspire, anger, or even cause two people to fall in love fascinated him. These books are his words and emotions on paper. Enjoy.

"The Book of You and Me"

The most unique of Mr. Harvey's books, "You and Me" is romantic and erotic poetry as well as four short erotic stories. 


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"Open Season: Growing Up Black In America"
"Open Season" is a gritty look at the life of Black people in America and the injustices as well as those great moments like a walk to the corner store. It stares at life from a nostalgic view from all ages and sexes. 

"Aphrodisiac " 

A coffee table book of romantic and erotic poetry, Aphrodisiac captures the imagination of lovers not only with the written word, but with tasteful pics to accompany the poems. A must have that you will tell your friends about!

Poetry Selections

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 ​"Loving A Black Woman"

​"Deal With The Devil "

"Open Season: Growing Up Black In America""

​"The Book of You and Me"​​​​ 


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By: Darryl Harvey

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